Industrial Partnership

The cooperation with the leading global OEM’s Volkswagen and Daimler in terms of contract manufacturing of the foreign brands at the GAZ Group Nizhny Novgorod Site is an important direction of the GAZ Group development.

The industrial partnerships of GAZ Group mean assimilation of the best standards of the global automotive industry for the purposes of the GAZ Group own product portfolio development as well as:

  • Modernization of 200 000 m2 of production facilities
  • Investments of around EUR 500 M

New assembly and welding shops were developed, the painting facilities were upgraded, the logistics and quality control system was improved in full compliance with the partners’ standards, and new jobs were created at GAZ within the framework of cooperation with the global OEM’s. The workers and specialists of GAZ involved into the projects were trained at the partners’ facilities abroad and in Russia, plus a new training center was established at GAZ.

GAZ cooperation with international partners also means ample opportunities for localization of components at companies of GAZ Group which has actively pursued the strategy of developing high-tech automotive components production in order to meet the most urgent needs of its own plants and other automotive manufacturers. The Gorky Automobile Plant launched production of exhaust systems in the framework of the joint venture of GAZ Group and the international manufacturer Bosal, as well as production of frames for Mitsubishi Pajero Sport cars. Joint ventures with the Swedish manufacturer of fasteners - Bulten and with the Italian wheels manufacturer - MW SpA are getting prepared to be opened.

«We are looking forward to a very good cooperation with our manufacturing partner GAZ». Detlef Wittig, Vice-President, VOLKSWAGEN AG
«The partnership with GAZ will take us a big step forward in the promising Russian van market. Volker Mornhinweg, Head of MERCEDES-BENZ Vans
«The Pajero Sport is the second, after the Outlander, model of Mitsubishi SUVs produced in Russia. It is crucially important for us to find reliable Russian partners to localize our production of key components. We are satisfied with our work on localization performed together with GAZ Group, with competitive quotations and promptness of project implementation. We are sure of the market success of our product, the Pajero Sport, because the quality of the vehicles being assembled in Russia is equal to our global requirements for the product manufacturing process». Yoshiya Inamori, Deputy General Manager of PCMA Rus
«The cooperation with the biggest Russian manufacturer of vehicles and automotive components, offers a great opportunity to be successful in the Russian market thanks to the high level of competence in production of highly competitive components of GAZ OJSC». The CLN Management
«The joint venture with GAZ enables us to work both with foreign and Russian manufacturers. In production of emission control systems we use catalytic afterburning of exhaust gases – technology unique for the Russian industry – which enhances environmental friendliness of our products by many times. We strongly believe that cooperation between our companies will make a significant contribution in development of the Russian automotive industry». Aad Goudriaan, President & CEO of Bosal
«As one of the world’s foremost suppliers of fasteners, Bulten estimates the potential of the Russian market to be significant. High import duties in Russia and high demand for quality products create great opportunities of efficient development for local manufacturers. The experience and competences of GAZ will help us to improve manyfold the efficiency of the future high-quality fasteners production for Russian automotive companies». Tommy Andersson, CEO of Bulten