Heavy-Duty Trucks

Ural Plant, a GAZ Group company, is one of the largest truck manufacturers in Russia.

Ural produces all-wheel–drive off-road trucks with wheel formats 4х4, 6х6, 8х8 and payload capacity from 4 to 20 t;  the passenger box trucks based on Ural AWD trucks with wheel formats 4х4 and 6х6 (for 22 to 30 passengers), passenger trucks on their platform, equipped with hydraulic manipulators. 

Ural trucks are the base for building over 200 specialty vehicles: passenger box trucks, cranes, tanks, fuel fillers, fire-fighting trucks, mobile repair trucks, specialty trucks for forestry and oil and gas industry, mining and municipal utilities.

Good cross-country capabilities, high payload capacity, reliability, easiness of repair made the Ural trucks irreplaceable for various sectors of industry, agriculture and construction companies. Their ability to move off the roads is guaranteed by a powerful engine, specially designed driving axles and tire pressure centralized control system. Ural trucks are easy to service and are designed for parking outside garages. The Ural truck family has a high level of commonality of parts and components which helps to reduce the maintenance and operational costs.  

The application range of Ural trucks is very wide. They can work at altitudes of up to 4500 m above the sea level, at ambient temperatures of –50 to +50°С, and can overcome snow virgin land up to 1 m deep, ditch of 0,6 to 1,2 мdeep, the vertical walls of up to 0,55 м high, the uphill of 31°, the slope of 20°, and negotiate water fords of up to 1,75 m deep.

One of the key directions of the development of Ural branded vehicles is continuous renovation of its model range. In 2011, the company started serial production of heavy-duty AWD Ural-6370 with GVW of up to 33,5 t. They have different configurations: a tipper, a tractor truck, a tube carrier, etc. Using modern mechanisms and components makes it comparable with European brands in terms of its reliability and durability. In 2011, the plant started serial production of AWD Ural-4320 cab-over-engine trucks. The main advantage of this kind of configuration is a wide range of superstructures. These trucks are used as chassis for production of specialty vehicles, such as passenger trucks, tractor trucks, tippers.

In 2014, Ural launched serial production of modernized AWD Ural M trucks. Keeping the traditional advantages of the legendary brand – unique cross-country capabilities and high functionality, Ural M have higher reliability and better comfort, improved drivability and increased operational cost effectiveness. Ural M was developed on the base of Ural-4320, and includes a range of trucks with the wheel formats 4х4 and 6х6, both cab-behind-engine and cab-over-engine. Over 50 design and technological improvements were introduced on this vehicle.

In 2015, the new generation Ural NEXT truck was unveiled at the Moscow expo forum. Its modern exterior and interior, spacious and comfortable cabin, easy drivability and perfect ergonomics were achieved thanks to the use of the up-to-date design solutions and components complying with the global quality standards. In mid-July2015, the Ural NEXT trucks went through the test drive during which the vehicles demonstrated reliable driving capabilities and high operational characteristics. Production and sales started in the end of november in 2015.