Powertrains and Fuel Supply Systems

GAZ Group offers a wide range of modern multipurpose YaMZ diesel and YaZDA fuel supply systems that comply with Euro-4 ecological standards.

The main products are heavy diesel engines of YaMZ brand, manufactured at Yaroslavl Motor Plant Autodiesel. These medium and heavy engines and powertrains on their basis with capacity of 4.43-26 liters and power of 120-800 h.p. are for GAZ, Ural, MAZ and MZKT trucks, buses, combines, tractors, specialty and other vehicles.

The family of in-line diesel Euro-4 engines YaMZ-650 with power of 362-412 h.p. is manufactured under Renault Trucks license and compiles with the best examples of engine-building.

Since 2013 GAZ Group has produced in series medium in-line diesel engines of the promising family YaMZ-530 with capacity 4.43-6.65 liters and power 130-320 h.p. for commercial and specialty vehicles. On the basis of YaMZ-530 engines production, in collaboration with Westport Company, an international manufacturer of gas-fuel systems, production of engines on compressed natural gas is organized.

Fuel supply systems are represented by the fuel pumps of YaZDA brand for YaMZ, KamAZ, MMZ and TMZ engines.