GAZ-3308 «Sadko»

«Sadko» GAZ-33081 AWD vehicle named after a Russian epic character is famous for its unique off-road capabilities. No other Russian manufacturer offers a vehicle with similar cross-country performance. Moreover, «Sadko» outperforms many foreign rivals. The recognition of the outstanding capabilities of the vehicle is proved by its popularity with the armed forces of many countries, mining and geological companies that work not only in woodlands and countryside, but also in deserts, jungles and highlands.

The vehicle is equipped with a powerful diesel engine with a starting preheater, reinforced frame, power steering, ABS, tire pressure control system and a power-driven winch.

The vehicle is produced in cargo and cargo and passenger versions, and also as cross-country buses for oil and gas industries and hunting farms.

More than 100 types of superstructures are developed for the vehicle, among which are vans, hydraulic hoists, road tankers, medical, firefighting and other special vehicles.

«Sadko» is equipped with YaMZ-534 and MMZ D-245.7 diesel engines.

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