GAZ Group is the leading Russian bus manufacturer with the share of 80% on the Russian bus market.

The GG model range includes city, suburban, intercity, tourist, school, and special-purpose buses.

GAZ Group is the sole Russian manufacturer of the entire range of low-floor buses using different fuels (gas, diesel, electricity). GG buses are environmentally friendly, comfortable and safe; their systems, components and bodies are very reliable; and the ownership costs are cheap.

The GG Bus Division consists of three enterprises: Likino Bus Plant (LiAZ), Pavlovl Bus Plant (PAZ) and Kurgan Bus Plant (KAVZ). The production facilities of the Division allow produce 20 thous. buses per annum. The GG bus plants use modern technologies that comply with the world-best standards.

Likino Bus Plant develops and produces medium, large and extra-large city, intercity and tourist buses. The LiAZ model range includes city buses (9.5-18 m) using different fuels (diesel-gas-electricity), including low-floor ones. LiAZbusescomplymeetE4, E5 andEEVrequirements. Cruise intercity and Voyage tourist buses were used for transportation of guests and athletes of the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Pavlovo Bus Plant develops and produces small and medium buses (7-9 m). PAZ buses are mostly produced Russian buses, their yearly output is more than 10 thous. units, which is nearly 80 % of the Russian small bus market. PAZ model range includes PAZ-32053 and PAZ-4234 basic models, PAZ-3237 that is the first Russian small low-floor bus, as well as special purpose buses: PAZ-3206 with 4x4 wheel arrangement, PAZ-32053-70 school bus, PAZ-32053-20 passenger and cargo bus, etc. In 2013, the plant launched production of the new Vector family that are extremely comfortable, reliable and efficient.

Kurgan Bus Plant produces medium city, suburban and intercity buses. The basic medium models are KAVZ-4235 Aurora (suburban), KAVZ-4238 (suburban and intercity modifications), as well as school buses. In 2013, production gaz version of KAVZ-4238 was launched.

GAZ Group was the first Russian OEM to launch serial production of E5 and EEV (E5+) buses, as well as methanol-fueled large buses (the most environmentally friendly fuel). There are also gas versions of medium KAVZ and PAZ buses.

Since 2012, GAZ Group has been developing electric buses. In 2015, the company sent a LiAZ-6274 bus with lithium-ion batteries to Moscow for pilot operation. Those batteries allow for a mileage of 280 km. Electric city buses prevent dangerous emissions into the air, increase passenger comfort due to reduced NVH in the passenger compartment, as well as significantly reduces operational expenses and simplifies maintenance.

GAZ Group buses were used for transportation during the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014: the company was a Supplier of the Games in the Bus category. New large and extra-large bus versions were specially designed for the 22nd Olympic Winter Games and 11th Paralympic Games, among them LiAZ-5292 with Scania engine, Cruise bus and Voyage series on Scania chassis. All in all, 739 buses were supplied to the Olympics. The buses gained excellent reputation and now will be used for transportation during the World Cup 2018 in Russia.