General Information

GAZ Group produces light and medium commercial vehicles, buses, heavy trucks, cars, power units and auto components.

The basic models of the company product line are the most popular light trucks in Russia - GAZelle BUSINESS and GAZelle NEXT, GAZon NEXT medium trucks, Ural heavy trucks, and buses - LIAZ, Voyage, Cruise, PAZ, Vector, KAVZ. 

The diversified product portfolio of GAZ Group allows us to offer customers comprehensive transportation solutions for their business.

Petrol, gas or diesel vehicles, sided vehicles and vans, standard and extra-long platforms, single-row and double row cabins, cargo and cargo-passenger vehicles, all-wheel-drive and rear drive models of trucks and buses of all classes and purposes – the variety of options allows every client to find the configuration that is necessary for its business.

Based on the light commercial and heavy vehicles of GAZ and Ural brands there are more than 300 kinds of special equipment produced for the needs of small businesses, public utility services, building and construction, oil, gas and timber processing plants, mining, agriculture, fire services, Ministry of Emergency Situations, educational and medical institutions.

Having the high level of quality, functionality and reliability the GAZ Group vehicles are 30-40% cheaper than the imported equivalents and are more economical to operate. A number of new products are provided with the best warranty in the industry.

The company provides favorable conditions for customers, as well as affordable services and spare parts.

GAZ Group is constantly improving the range of manufactured products. Our engineers are creating new models of buses, light commercial vehicles, heavy trucks based on the deep knowledge of the off-road operation specificity, severe weather conditions and overload, taking into account the current requirements of the customers.

GAZ group products are the combination of the Russian engineering ideas with the best practices of the global automobile industry.