Avtodiesel Yaroslavl Motor Plant (YaMP)

Yaroslavl Engine Plant Avtodiesel was founded in 1916 as a facility performing assembly of passenger vehicles and ambulances during the World War I. Today Avtodiesel is one of the major Russian manufacturers of multipurpose diesel engines, clutches, gearboxes and spare parts for them, as well as stationary units based on them. Yaroslavl engines are used in more than 300 different vehicle models and special purpose units produced in Russia and CIS. YaMZ engines power trucks, tractor trucks, haul trucks, buses, tractors and harvesters, construction machinery and generator sets.

Yaroslavl Engine Plant is currently implementing a number of large-scale investment projects in manufacturing of world-class products. The highest priority is given to the project of production of medium four- and six-cylinder in-line diesel engines of the YaMZ-530 family with a power output from 120 to 320 H. P. and conforming to Euro-4 emission class. Future compliance with Euro-5 and Euro-6 emission classes can be ensured. This is first new engine production facility built in Russia in the past 35 years with equipment and automation level matching those of the global industry leaders.

Производство двигателей ЯМЗ-530

Линия сборки головки цилиндров

The YaMZ-530 production site built with support from the leading international engineering firms and equipment suppliers delivers the world-class product quality. The project conforms to the state policy in the sphere of vehicles’ environmental safety and was recognized by the Government of the Russian Federation as a project of a strategic significance for the development of mechanical engineering in Russia.

YaMZ-530 engines were developed by the engineering and design center of Avtodiesel with support from AVL List Company (Austria) based on the many years of successful experience of YaMZ engines heavy-duty use on various machines. YaMZ-530 engines employ advanced design solutions related to arrangement, control and operation of the main systems that ensure their reliability and fuel economy. The YaMZ-530 engines demonstrate a better performance in terms of power output and torque than most of the similar products by foreign and Russian manufacturers, while ensuring lower fuel consumption. The engines being moderately priced and at the same time advanced have a high competitive advantage both in Russia and abroad. These new engines are designed for a wide range of applications and can be used in motor vehicles, tractors, farming machinery, industrial powerplants, specialty vehicles.

In 2012 the company launched the mass production of a heavy in-line engine YaMZ-650 conforming to Euro-4 emission class. The company specialists have completed the design development and production preparation for YaMZ-6565 and YaMZ-6585 V-type diesel engines conforming to Euro-4 emission class that can be used on a wide range of vehicles. YaMZ-651 is a Euro-4 conforming diesel engine developed on the basis of the YaMZ-650 engine (production process licensed by Renault Trucks) by the Avtodiesel specialists in cooperation with Rikardo Company (Great Britain). The design solutions employed in YaMZ-651 to ensure the Euro-4 emission class conformity include increased fuel injection pressure, upgraded cooling and supercharger system and others. Two base versions of the engine are available YaMZ-651 (412 H.P.) and YaMZ-6511 (362 H.P.).

In the end of May of 2013 Avtodiesel signed an agreement with Westport Company, a leading manufacturer of automotive natural-gas systems and components, to develop a lineup of natural-gas engines for CNG-powered motor vehicles, construction and farming machinery. The family of natural-gas engines conforming to Euro-4 and Euro-5 emission classes is based on the YaMZ-530 engine family. The new natural-gas engines for commercial vehicles will have the technical and customer-value advantages of the original YaMZ-530 family: high power output, fuel efficiency, reliability and competitive price. The project investment volume will be equal to approximately RUS 600 M that will be allocated to development of natural-gas engines and building the Avtodiesel R&D facilities to be used for further expansion of the Company’s natural-gas engines lineup.

На Автодизеле стартовал проект по созданию газовых двигателей для коммерческого транспорта

YaMZ products:

  • YaMZ-530 family of medium four- and six-cylinder in-line diesel engines, power output from 120 to 320 H. P., Euro-4 emission class
  • YaMZ-650 family of heavy six-cylinder in-line diesel engines, power output from 362 to 412 H. P., Euro-4 and Euro-3 emission class
  • Two families of 6-, 8- and 12-cylinder V-type diesel engines with a power output from 150 to 800 H. P. conforming to Euro-4, Euro-3, Euro-2 and Euro-1 emission classes and including 70 base models and over 300 versions
  • Ten models of 5-, 8- and 9-speed gearboxes
  • Clutches
  • Diesel generator sets and powerplants based on YaMZ engines with a power output from 60 to 315 kW
  • Over 1900 original spare parts for the Company’s products.